Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcers are extremely painful for those of us who have experienced them.  They are caused by a variety of reasons; the best remedy is to get healthy, they are generally caused by toxins in the blood, or possibly a vitamin deficiency in vitamin C, B12, iron and zinc.  They can be caused by a compromised immune system, we suggest you visit a naturopath and discuss ways to detoxify your blood and boost your immune system.

You are here today as you have an ulcer, Listerine or bonjela is your main choice offered.

Listerine contains alcohol to kill the bacteria, it’s quite dramatic when you consider salts do the same thing only naturally. Bonjela is a chemical concoction designed in a laboratory.  It was generally accepted before we had the imposition of chemicals that a salt rinse was the best thing for pain in the mouth, while that is very true, you will find Alum vastly more effective than normal table salt.

The Alum in Zen will ease your pain in seconds, rinse with it 3 times a day, you will have relief.  Continued use will allow the ulcer to heal.

Alum is very unique in the way it works.  As well as naturally killing bacteria, being a natural antiseptic and anti inflammatory, it also hydrates the skin.  By applying the salt, the minerals absorb through the skin – skin being a semi-permeable membrane, and by Osmosis, draws moisture -H2O- to the outer layer.  Not only will it allow the ulcer to heal on the surface, it also heals from the inside.  It’s why we call Alum THE ‘gift from nature’ for people suffering with mouth ulcers.

Loads of people have tried Zen first hand for their mouth ulcers, (our job is very easy when we are able to give out samples), they rub it in and they always leave with a bottle, very happy with the immediate improvement.  Very interesting people have felt the difference Alum makes.  Senior politicians get quite stressed apparently!

Please contact us if you would like further information.