What’s in it?
Alum; Is a Mineral salt complex that contains dozens of minerals and trace elements in the perfect proportions, which grows in the earth in many countries around the world.

Why does it work?
Because that is what mother nature intended. The great Creator.

How does it work?
By Osmosis. It kills bacteria on the surface, allowing the skin to heal, and draws moisture (H2O) from the inside, re-hydrating the skin.

How does it help Mouth Ulcers?
Alum kills bacteria, the ulcer heals externally, and it draws water from the skin and heals from the inside. This enables your mouth ulcers to heal very quickly.

How long does it take to work on Mouth Ulcers?
Relief from pain is in seconds as it is an anti-inflammatory, a few days of 5 times a day (5 squirts) the ulcer will be gone. Time to heal depends on the number and severity of your ulcers. The more often Alum is applied the better.

How long does it take to work on bleeding gums?
Normally, after about 3-5 days the bleeding will stop, then continue brushing and rinsing daily and your gums will become strong and healthy after a few months.

Is it good for Cold Sores?
Many people use Alum for Cold sores, which are a virus, not bacterial. It will dry out the sore. Try it for yourself. It works; medically we aren’t sure why. Alum is good for many things. (If Alum can kill a virus, what other diseases could it treat?)

How long does a bottle last?
Depends on what you use it for. For daily use as an alternative to toothpaste or alcohol mouthwash- as a preventative to teeth and gum problems, (five squirts a day on your front teeth then brush and rinse) the bottle will last over 4 months. For mouth ulcers alone, it depends on the frequency and number of ulcers you have, possibly years. There is no expiry date on the bottle.

How long have you been involved with Alum?
We have been selling Alum from the same source for twenty three years, using a variety of labels, for a variety of ailments. We have sold 60,000 units over this time. The Zen Mouthwash business was established in 2011. It is from the feedback from thousands of customers that we have been able to learn all Alums therapeutic uses.
(If you have a skin disorder spray it on – watch and feel what happens)

Is it retailed any where?
No. How can they? We have offered. Retailers need customers to buy multiple products constantly. A simple remedy – cure all – is not good for their business. Zen Mouthwash is destined to be an internet only product.

Is it guaranteed?
Does your chemist/doctor/health store guarantee their product will cure you? Or will you be back next month? There is no money in making people healthy unfortunately. The life blood of the sickness industry is repeat business.

Why haven’t I heard of it before?
If you live in the industrialized, commercialised West, it’s because it’s a particular Salt! Alum is natural, plentiful, replenishable, (it will never stop growing) and makes many man made concoctions obsolete. Zen Mouthwash comes to you exactly as nature intended.

Are many people using it?
Possibly a billion people around the world will use Alum (It has many names) today for a HUGE range of applications.

Where are you?
We are based in Victoria Australia. All orders are sent via Australia Post. Australian orders are received in 2-3 days. For International orders, you will be sent a paypal invoice for an additional $8 AUS to cover postage for a single bottle world wide, $14 for 3 bottles, $18 for six bottles. Delivery times will depend on where you are in the world. All orders are sent the following business day.

Can I contact you about this?
Naturally: admin@www.zenmouthwash.dev

Thank you for your time


“The great one’s heal, the rest make money”

Andrew D Savva