Cold Sores

There are two common types of mouth ulcers, aphthous ulcers (canker sores) and COLD SORES (fever blisters, oral herpes).  Cold sores as you know are painful, itchy and unfortunately are unpleasant visually.
Cold sores, and mouth ulcers are relatively common and if left untreated can cause tooth rot and gum decay.

There are numerous reasons why people develop cold sores.  These can include:

Trauma- if you damage the mucosal lining of the mouth from possibly dental work, accidental biting, salty food, dentures or braces, you allow the introduction of bacteria to the skin.

Chemical injuries- aspirin or alcohol that comes in contact with the oral mucosa may cause the tissue to become necrotic and create an ulcerated surface.  There is evidence to suggest that Sodium lauryl sulfate, one of the main ingredients in MOST TOOTHPASTE can lead to an increase in cold sores.  For this very reason we recommend Zen mouthwash as it is totally natural.

Smoking cessation – If you stop smoking you may find you develop ulcers or cold sores.

Infection – Viral, fungal and bacterial processes can lead to the formation of cold sores. Having cut lips coming in contact with the bacteria can bring on an ulcer.  Zen mouthwash kills bacteria on contact, If you brush daily with Zen and spray a little on your lips you will be preventing any bacteria from taking hold and forming ulcerations.

Stress – many young people suffer from Cold sores, at times of high stress, exams, personal issues, they can develop which can lead to even greater stress.  After twenty years of selling Alum we have found that in a few short days of killing the bacteria the cold sore will be no longer a problem

Vitamin deficiency – It is suggested cold sores and mouth ulcers can be a result of a deficiency in Vitamins C, B12, iron and zinc.  We suggest you see a naturopath and discuss boosting your vitamin intake, cleansing your blood of toxins, and boosting your immune system in general.  Not only should this reduce outbreaks, you should have a lot more energy and feel a whole lot better in general.

How does Zen Mouthwash work?

Zen Mouthwash contains Alum, a 100% natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory that naturally KILLS bacteria.  As cold sores are mainly formed by bacteria the Alum will reduce itchiness and inflammation very quickly.  Spray the cold sore consistently until you feel it is no longer a problem.  The chemical alternative most people use is Zovirax which contains steroids, as you read above; chemicals can actually PLAY a role in the forming of ulcers.  If you become a regular daily user of Zen to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth, try a quick spray on your lips as this will kill the bacteria hiding in minute cuts in the lips.  You will be catching any cold sores BEFORE they form, making life a lot more enjoyable.  The minerals that make up Alum, by OSMOSIS, naturally absorb through the skin and draw moisture -H20- to the surface which speeds the healing process dramatically. This is how Zovirax works, only naturally!!!!

Zen Mouthwash is 100% Guaranteed, you will experience immediate relief from pain and itchiness and within a few days you may find the cold sore, or mouth ulcer, gone completely.  Continued use will greatly present them from forming.

Please read a testimonial from a long time user:

I have suffered with mouth ulcers and cold sores all my adult life and i have never found anything that has worked so well as Zen mouthwash to relieve the pain and heal the sores – in only 3 days
I also love the fact that it is 100% natural. It is not alcohol based (as I am allergic to alcohol) – Zen is fantastic and I will be recommending it to all my friends

N.T. Australia