Zen Mouthwash

Zen Mouthwash contains the 100% Natural Mineral Salt known as Potassium Alum Sulphate in distilled Australian Water.  It is a 100% effective alternative to Fluoride toothpaste, Alcohol mouthwashes and Chemical mouth ulcer treatments and comes with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

Hippocrates, as in the ‘Hippocratic Oath’, the ‘founder of modern medicine’ recommended Alum as a mouth wash in 350BC


Zen Alum

One day the world will use this salt on their teeth and gums as it is the smart thing to do.
The players have worked this out, can you?

    • Naturally kills bacteria causing gum disease
    • Naturally kills bacteria causing plaque
    • Is a natural preventative to gum and teeth problems from cigarette smoke
    • Is a natural antiseptic, healing mouth ulcers
    • Is a natural anti-inflammatory, easing pain from mouth ulcers
    • Allows the gums to heal each day thereby maintaining healthy gums and teeth

SMOKERS!! Every time we eat we get microscopic nicks and cuts on our gums and as our mouths are full of bacteria and if you smoke, the bacteria and cigarette smoke stops the cuts from healing, and your gums will slowly recede over a lifetime. The mineral salt in Zen Mouthwash literally kills the bacteria in the mouth, which enables the nicks and cuts to heal each day, thereby maintaining strong healthy gums. The mineral salt also kills the bacteria which leads to plaque so hopefully no tooth loss – we will let you know in 30 years our personal experience! After 15 years so far so good! As anyone with dentures will tell you, life without a juicy steak is not a nice life.

The bacteria in infected unhealthy gums can lead to systemic infections, the most serious being endocarditis – which is infection of the heart valves that can require major surgery. Zen mouthwash will prevent this from occurring. Fluoride, a neurotoxin, is ‘claimed’ to help our teeth, what about our gums??

Take the 28 day challenge!! Each morning apply five squirts to your front teeth then brush and rinse. You will be thrilled at how strong your gums feel after a month of Zen. We guarantee 100% that you are going to be very very impressed with Zen Mouthwash.

Millions of Australians enjoy a “tube of contentment” each day, we shouldn’t have to lose our teeth over it!!

For regular daily use each bottle of Zen Mouthwash should last 4 months.


Alright mate, here we go. I have used it for a month and what the hell?? This is unbelievable! My gums actually feel strong, like new. They really are keeping this a secret. You are on a winner.

Ken Ballard

Dear Zen, I have been a smoker since 14, I am now 43. Before Zen my gums were sensitive, quite sore. I have been using the product for 6 weeks now and my gums feel much better and are no longer causing me concerns. I will absolutely continue using Zen.

Thanks. Nick Hosking.

MOUTH ULCERS!!  are a big, and very painful problem, effecting around 10% of people from babies to the Elderly.  Zen Mouthwash is a natural antiseptic which will kill bacteria allowing the ulcer to heal, and is a natural anti-inflammatory which will ease pain in seconds.  Spray 3 squirts on to your fingers then rub into the ulcer.  If you continue to brush and rinse daily with Zen Mouthwash, you will be catching any mouth ulcers as they begin to form, thereby preventing pain and discomfort.
Directions: Spray the solution onto your ulcer, it will go numb in seconds, try to do this six times a day.  Your ulcer should be healed in a few days.  When you feel one forming, (that nasty little tingle) spray it in and it will go away.
Zen Mouthwash completely replaces any toothpaste, mouthwash or mouth ulcer treatment you currently may be using.  It is 100% natural (It can’t be controlled or patented by big business) and truly is the future of complete dental and oral health.  For over twenty years we have been selling Alum and are yet to receive one negative comment.

Please read a few testimonials from some of our greatest fans

To whom it may concern,
My name is Jason and my mother’s name is Mary. Mary has not been well for a very long time. I was about 9 or 10 when mum got sick and went into hospital, apparently she was born with only one kidney and it had decided to “pack it in”. A two year wait on dialysis and then her first kidney transplant. That lasted about 8 years when I got the phone call from my mother crying, saying, that her kidney was failing. Back on dialysis for another 2 years, then her second kidney transplant.
Mum has had that second kidney ever since (18 years). Doctors told her recently that her kidney was working as well as a fit young athlete. There is only one problem with organ transplant – and that is the body’s immune system is always trying to reject this foreign object. So what they do to counteract this is give you medication to suppress your immune system, which as you can imagine is no good for the rest of your body.Cancer: – A lasting legacy of the anti-rejection drugs.
Mary you will have cancer til the day you die we just have to keep looking, finding and removing it, Not nice. Tougher times ahead:, and they were right. Scalp and head cancers x 2, 2 lip reconstructions, throat and mouth cancer x 3 and sometimes 6-12 skin cancers cut off her body in a one month period. I have never met a tougher person in my life and even though Mary is 5’ nothing, and 42 kg wringing wet, I have never met a person with more fight and a will to live like my mum Mary.
The last throat and mouth reconstruction that mum had was not very nice. Although they said that they had got it all, she had to undergo 5 weeks of radium treatment on her face. During the 5 weeks of radium, Mum started to develop ulcers in her mouth. They eventually got worse and worse until it reached a point where she could hardly eat or drink anything. Mum began to lose weight over the next 3 months and in and out of hospital her weight had dropped to 31 kgs.
The ulcers were that bad and she was in constant pain and was taking Emdome (Morphine) 24/7, but still, she could hardly eat anything.She was receiving mushed up meals from Meal on Wheels and before she could eat, she had to gargle this pink gel that the hospital supplied. It was $70.00 per bottle and did not give much relief. That is when my partner at the time, Angie, sent me an email with a link to Zen Mouthwash. We had nothing to lose so I ordered a bottle.
Zen gave me a call a couple of days later to ask me about my ulcers and I explained the situation, that it was not for me.It is a Miracle. Within 2 weeks, my mother’s ulcers were nearly gone. She was able to cancel the sloppy food and eat Real food. That was about 6 – 8 weeks ago. My mother Mary is feeling much better and putting on weight. Current weight is 35.5 kgs. Yee Ha, thank you to my ex-partner Angie for putting me onto Zen, and a huge Thankyou to Zen Mouthwash.
Without this wonderful natural product I don’t think my mother would still be alive. So if you or someone you know has ulcers order some Zen and forget about the chemical products from your Chemist or Hospital, because they don’t work.Zen Mouthwash Does
Jason Bowers

We have three children, two of which get frequent mouth ulcers. They are painful and hard to treat. We then tried Zen Mouthwash. It was amazing! Firstly, it numbed the pain of the ulcers. Secondly, and most importantly, the ulcers in both my children had disappeared within 48 hours. I would recommend Zen Mouthwash to anyone who suffers from mouth ulcers.

Georgie Langley

Hello Tiffany,
As I said I would, here is my testimony. My two boys constantly get mouth ulcers and it really upsets them. I tell them to stop eating sweets but their Grand Father is no help at all! I did as you suggested and told them Zen was very special and very expensive, they both sprayed it on their fingers and rubbed it in and within a minute they were smiling, “it doesn’t hurt!”. They sprayed it in each morning before school, then three times at night, after four days the ulcers had gone. Thank you so much. It is a wonderful product.

K. Taylor. Narre Warren Vic.

Hello, my name is Michael, I live in Australia, I am 46.
I have been smoking cigarettes since I was a stupid kid, nine years ago, I started smoking what is called here ‘chop-chop’, cheap illegal, tax free tobacco. After six months of dry, non filtered cigarettes, my gums were bad, they were bleeding, red raw, and my gums had receded to the point where my lower front tooth is now ‘roaming’. A friend, who had been selling the salt for years for a variety of conditions, suggested I brush my teeth with it, so I did. I swear, after about one week, the bleeding had completely stopped. After a few months my gums felt perfect. I went to the dentist at this time, he said that my gums would never grow back, which they don’t, and I would lose my front tooth. That was nine years ago. Recently, I lost half a filling, and went to another dentist to have it replaced. He checked my gums and his exact words were, ‘actually your gums are very good’. No problems at all with my teeth. My loose front tooth is still hanging in there!- and I love my corn! I have brushed my teeth twice a day with the salt for nine years, and all I can say is – ITS BRILLIANT.

Just a few words on Zen Mouth Wash. From a satisfied customer, to start with I’ve never had any major problems with my gums but teeth are another story! Crap from an early age, but since using Zen I’ve been having second thoughts about how good my gums are? Gums not good! Teeth not good! until things change, you are quite often unaware you have a problem. Trying this product you may find as I did, your mouth feeling a whole lot better in general. John Carpenter. Perth WA.

For many years I have had to take a drug …dilantin…which played havoc with the health of my gums. Recently it became so bad [ mouth ulcers and bleeding gums ] that I became desperate but loathe to take further drugs. Therefore I turned to my old friend Google for advice. Luckily for me, I found Zen mouthwash.
I have been using it for less than three weeks and the change in my mouth is miraculous. Hardly any ulcers, gums almost normal and fresh breath. I am so grateful for your wonderful product and will ensure I always have plenty on hand. I honestly thought that I might lose all my teeth and still have painful ulcers. I will recommend Zen to anyone with problems such as mine. Thank you.

Judith, NSW.

ALUM is suitable for various therapeutic applications:

MOUTH ULCERS:  Very painful!!  Spray five squirts into your mouth and gargle, relief is within seconds, continued use will allow your ulcers to heal.

COLD SORES: There are two common types of mouth ulcers, aphthous ulcers (canker sores) and COLD SORES (fever blisters, oral herpes).  Cold sores as you know are painful, itchy and unfortunately are unpleasant visually. Read More on Cold Sores…

BLEEDING GUMS:  Known as Gingivitis, Zen will heal the gums in a number of days, after a while of your gums healing, they will become perfect, continued use will keep them that way.

DRY MOUTH:  Apply five squirts, brush all over your teeth gums and mouth; you will actually PRODUCE saliva – problem solved!

BAD BREATH:  Known as Halitosis – Spray five squirts on your tongue and scrub and rinse.  The improvement you experience can be life changing.

TEETHING BABIES:  Are you using Bonjela?  Please look at the active chemical ingredient.  It’s really the last thing we should be giving to babies.  Simply spray a few squirts on your finger and rub into the gums, enjoy your young ones smile as the anti-inflammatory qualities take effect.

The mineral salt is mined from the earth, it is a mineral salt complex that contains dozens of essential minerals, that combined in its unique way, make this salt irreplaceable.  It naturally kills bacteria.  Its bacteria that cause gum disease and the plaque which causes tooth decay.  This is what causes receding gums leading to tooth loss.  Salts aren’t new to medicine, saline intravenous drips after surgery is a particular salt solution.

ALUM has been inextricably linked to people since time immemorial- it was considered as valuable as gold given its many uses.  More than half the world’s current population use Alum on a regular basis.

The history of Alum is referenced, over thousands of years, in many historical documents as well as being orally recounted from generation to generation by many civilizations.  Found naturally growing in volcanic areas and subterranean caverns across the globe the amazing Alum crystal has been utilised for its therapeutic – even mystical properties.   In Poland, Alum caves are frequented regularly by Asthma sufferers to help alleviate their condition.

If you have bleeding gums, or are a smoker, we cannot recommend the salt highly enough.  Cigarette smoke slowly prevents the gums from naturally healing, slowly over time; the gums will gradually recede, leading to potential gum disease and tooth loss.  The salt will greatly prevent this from happening.

We don’t want to write pages on why the salt is worth using, as opposed to fluoride, the proof is in the pudding.  You can spend a lifetime researching this salt. If you dig deep enough, you will read about the US Special Forces using it. What you will learn will amaze you. Wars have been fought over this salt.

Each bottle is $39.95 (Inc. Postage within Aust & Normal Postage worldwide)

Your purchase is risk free – we have a 100% money back guarantee

You are going to learn a SECRET that you will never forget.

You will never find anything simpler or more effective than ALUM for teeth and gum problems.

We have taste receptors in our mouths.  For the first two weeks of using the salt, you will have a salty taste.  After about two weeks your receptors will adjust, and the salt taste will become neutral. It is suggested that if people don’t like the salt taste in the first two weeks; they use a bit of toothpaste – we have a tic tac- after brushing with the salt.

As the great man said:

“Everything should be made as simple as possible……..but not simpler”

Albert Einstein

“gold my son”  Kerry Packer, December 2005.


Zen Mouthwash is available in bulk if you wish to supply the product to your network etc, please contact us for further information.

For further information, email us at:  admin@zenmouthwash.com.au